Contact Management

  • Robust contact directory for managing all contacts
  • Give your employees access to valuable customer data.
  • Speed up communication and streamline support processes.
  • Customize services and marketing promotions for contact categories.

Pipeline Management

  • Identify sales leads, prospects and actions taken along the sales cycle.
  • Track targets and achievements of sales team.
  • Enable you to score your leads and, if needed, filter them off to a different member of your team to turn select leads into customers.
  • Stay on top of leads and redistribute leads to different members of the team for re-engagement.

Customer Support Ticketing

  • Manage all customer supports requirements, complaints, enquiries from one location. This helps to manage resolution timeframe.
  • Identify problematic process flow from repeated complaints and make changes.
  • Capture and manage requests in a consistent manner.

Subscription Management

  • Manage customers repetitive demands for specific products/services.
  • Manage customers repetitive demands for specific products/services
  • Send automatic reminders to customers on recurring payments
  • Generate renewal opportunities, prorate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Sales Activities Management

  • Track all sales activities.
  • Track activities of sales team.
  • Monitor target achievement by sales team.

Automatic Transaction Forms

  • Generate Automatic transaction forms such as Quotation, invoices and receipts.
  • Send forms directly to customers, vendors and other parties from the application.

Transaction Tracker

  • Manage customer database, regularly updating customer profiles with the latest information.
  • Eliminate errors in customer profiles, fix double submissions, and fill gaps.
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity in the process.
  • Identify those who are struggling and address areas of improvement.


  • Generate customized reports for decision.
  • Reveal trends and patterns which can be used to improve operations.


  • Customize software to your organization’s.
  • Ensure better decisions about the types of products and services you distribute to your customers.
  • Ensure better decisions about the types of marketing and overall communications you distribute to your customers.

Marketing Automation

  • Increase collaboration between sales and marketing teams by providing a complete view of prospects and customers across all channels and touchpoint
  • Automate and centralize analytics collection to view key customer feedback and improve marketing performance.
  • Collect prospect and customer feedback with in-platform surveys.
  • Access interactive dashboards for real time reporting and ROI tracking.


  • Get insights into customer information, sales/services preferences.
  • Identify the key products/services in the markets.
  • Create better sales campaigns and customer interactions from analysed data

Bulk Contact Import

  • Bulk create/update new or existing user profiles by uploading a CSV file with a list of relevant information
  • Bulk Upload contacts by category

Advanced Search

  • Full text search allowing you to quickly find any text within all your notes and emails.

Multi Outlet management

  • Set up all business outlets and branches with a few clicks
  • Manage all customer information, transaction and engagement across outlets from one central location
  • Consolidates data and maintain information uniformity between outlets for clearer reporting and analytics
  • Compare sales activities and customer engagement across all outlets
  • Syncs data on the cloud in a real-time fashion, ensuring continuity of communication

Broadcast (E-mail, SMS)

  • Manage communication with customers and all business relationships
  • Send emails & SMS to customers directly from the app
  • Send invoices, quotations and other documents directly

Business Offering

  • Set up and Manage all business activities
  • Setup all products for sale to customers
  • Manage all the items in product portfolio
  • Setup PAYG, Subscription services, item bundles and product packages available to customers.