The Sophia ERP CRM software is designed and integrated with key functionalities to ensure you connect and engage better with your customers, create unforgettable customer experiences and build stable business relationships.

Sophia ERP CRM software features

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Increase referrals from existing customers

With improved customer Engagement and efficient customer support, your business gets referrals for new customers, win new business from existing customers and increase visibility, giving you an opportunity to be more profitable. Remember, happy customers are likely to become repeat customers, and repeat customers spend more
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Omni channel Engagement

Improve customer satisfaction and engage your customers more effectively with personalized experiences and consistent messaging by connecting with them on their terms and providing service wherever they require it through voice, chat, email, or self-service capabilities.
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Build Better Customer Relationships

Sophia ERP CRM allows you to create a single tailored database for all your customer data and use those key insights to, understand your customers needs, improve efficiency and automate key actions. Our dashboards, analytics and reporting give you birds eye-view and quick visibility of key metrics to make informed decisions.
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With sophisticated and easy to use functionalities to make every part of your support process more efficient and a technical team excited to attend to all your technical enquiries, Customer Relationship Management has never been easier.
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